Thursday, 1 December 2011

Status of Bloody Kisses

This has been on hold FOREVER just due to me slacking, and now (well, as of right before Pets release) the save is broken along with all of my other pre-Pets saves because of me downloading that buggy patch. The good news is that I was like 2 screenshots away from being done with the last part of the prologue, so I can probably just rebuild the room to get the last screenshots I need to finish part 3.

I didn't save ANY of the characters in their current states but have stared at them so much I could probably redo them/remake them without too much hassle.. luckily they were going to move from that town with the start of the actual story so I don't have to stress about remaking the house.

My saves look like this:

So should anyone know what that means and/or knows how to fix it - I'd really appreciate the help. I've lost a few other *important to me* saves along with my BK save and would really like to have them all working again.

Anyways, thats the status of this. All my saves are lost. This one can be rebuilt but will take a good amount of work so who knows when that will happen. I am not discontinuing this, however I don't see it being fixed/continued anytime in the near future (not that it matters much at this point since its been on hiatus for like a year lol).

Sorry for the massive delay, I wish I had been better prepared before patching my game - I should know better.

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